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essential maintenance

Revitalize Your AC with Our Comprehensive Deep Cleaning Process

Ensure that your comfort, health, and wallet are not compromised by a dirty air conditioner!
Tired of enduring sweltering summers, freezing winters, unpleasant odors in the air, and rising energy bills? Take control of your indoor climate and reduce energy costs with our exceptional Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning and Installation Service.
A deep clean is an essential maintenance task to ensure the efficiency and lifespan of your unit. A well-maintained AC unit can make a world of difference: 
- Improved Indoor Air Quality
- Efficient Cooling and Heating
- Cost-Effective Energy Savings
- Prevents Costly Repairs
- Prolongs Your Unit's Lifespan
- Professional Expertise
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Health & Efficiency

Maximize Cooling Efficiency and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Is your unit not cooling as well as it used to? Does the air blowing from your unit feel soggy and warm? Keep the air circulating in your home or office clean and healthy with a deep clean.

Everyday use mixed with dust, humid environments and dander, invites dust and mold to build up in your unit causing it to lose efficiency as it clogs up, blowing spores back into your home and water leakage if the drainage pipe gets blocked by gunk. Dirt and grime prevent your air conditioner from functioning at its full potential. A properly cleaned and maintained air conditioner means optimized performance, increased energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

Clean aidirty filter from AC unit after our deep cleaning service in Kanagawa


Revitalize Your AC with Our Comprehensive Deep Cleaning Process

Filters inside air conditioners catch dust and pollutants like pollen and bacteria. If they are not regularly cleaned, the buildup collects moisture which can easily become mold, especially in humid environments.

We don't cut corners, our AC High-Pressure Deep Cleaning puts your unit through a Full Service Clean. Our expert technicians meticulously dismantle the entire AC unit, ensuring every nook and cranny receives a thorough and refreshing clean. Don't settle for less. Walls and floors will be completely protected during the high-pressure cleaning. 

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Experience Top-Rated AC Deep Cleaning with Tokyo Handyman

Popular with Airbnbs, business owners and foreign residents all over Tokyo and Kanagawa, we are invested in you and have long-term relations with many of our clients. No complicated call-centers or online registration procedures, we take pride in working one-on-one with our valued customers and building relations within the community.

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Have more than one unit in your home or business?
No problem, we offer discounts for each additional unit.

Experience the Tokyo Handyman Difference

More than Just a Quick Fix

Tokyo Handyman's Air Conditioning Cleaning Service, top-rated in Tokyo and Kanagawa, has won the trust of homes, businesses, and Airbnbs alike. Our comprehensive deep cleaning goes goes deep into the fins and coils, revitalizing your AC system for optimum performance, extending its lifespan in the process. By focusing on cooling efficiency, improving indoor air quality, and promoting energy savings, our service ensures your system delivers its best, offering you a refreshing, energy-efficient environment.

By choosing our Air Conditioning Cleaning Service, you'll experience the instant results of cleaner, fresher air and a fully optimized AC system. Our clients report noticeable improvements right away as they take back control of their indoor environments.

Whether you're a homeowner, business, or Airbnb host in Tokyo or Kanagawa, you can trust our professional AC deep cleaning service to provide exceptional results. Revel in the freshness of cleaner air and the added comfort that Tokyo Handyman brings to your space.

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